Weather data for energy trading

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Storms cause a breakdown of supply lines, cold and heat increase the power consumption – weather directly influences the energy consumption and, thus, the power pricing. Thus, Weather data correctly used and interpreteded are the basis for logical decisions in energy trading.

Benefit from our weather products in the trading sector:

  • Real-time and historical data to temperature, precipitation, wind, irradiation parameters and much more
  • Precise, reliable and on time forecasts (can also be used in direct marketing)
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Climate time series
  • Clear visual presentation for a quick overview and comparision of weather parameters
Energy Trading Forecast
Sample of a week-ahead forecast of the daily mean temperature in Europe.

Overview of our products for the energy trading sector

Renewables Power Forecast
Renewables Power Forecast
Forecast of wind, solar and hydropower for locations worldwide

*Solar power forecast improved to statistical deviation of 3% – shows a back test of the past 2 years!

EinsMan Monitor**
Real time information on the deactivation of renewable energy sources
EinsMan Forecast**
deactivation forecast for renewable energy based elecricity production capacity

**The invention, which forms the basis of the two products, has been applied by EWC as a patent (DE 10 2017 101 265.6) and utility model (DE 20 2017 100 343.4).

Wind Potential Analysis
Reliable wind data for your project and maintenance analyses for your project location worldwide. One-stop shop: all wind specific information for desktop studies from a single source
High-resolution Precipitation
Radar-based hourly precipitaion volumes in a spatial resolution of 1km x 1km²

Online Portal
Weather Cockpit
Weather Cockpit
Precise forecasts for efficient wind farm operation
Severe Weather Warning System
Prompt, localized severe weather information optimizes short-term trading, supports network management, ensures safe maintenance work, and reduces the risk of damage

Energy-Meteorological Analysis
Meteorological time series and fields based on reanalysis data
Up-To-Date Measuring Results
Meteorological data of the last 24 hours and previous days worldwide

Historical Measurement and Climate Time Series
Hourly, daily, monthly and climate data worldwide
Weather Forecasts
Tailored to your needs by a flexible selection of weather stations and locations: EWC weather forecast for up to 14 days ahead and hourly updated

Energy Trading Forecast
Population-weighted forecast of daily mean temperatures for Europe to estimate future energy needs – hourly updated to record short-term meteorological changes
Lightning Statistics
Analysis of lightning frequency and distribution
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