Energy Trading Forecast

Energy Trading Forecast

Energy Trading Forecast

Population-weighted forecast of daily mean temperatures for Europe

Do you need information on potential cold surges or heat waves to estimate future energy needs? Our Energy Trading Forecast provides a rapid population-weighted overview of daily mean temperatures for European countries, regions and congested areas. Future meteorological conditions are linked to energy demand by using temperature forecasts and calculations of deviation from the long-term mean climate pattern. Daily mean temperatures are forecast for today and the following two days (Day-Ahead), for the current week (Intra-Week) and for the coming week (Week-Ahead).

Your benefits from the Energy Trading Forecast

  • Clear visual presentation of the daily mean temperature in European maps with colour-coded alert levels for registered customers
  • Temperature trends are rapidly tracked and easily interpreted. They are displayed as deviations from the mean climate

Our standard data processing

  • Population-weighted forecast for the estimation of the expected energy demand
  • Details of the forecast daily mean temperature
  • Statistical correction of the forecast
  • Hourly updated to record short-term meteorological changes
  • Many European regions and congested areas are available

Optional features:
  • Additional details of the deviation from the 30-year mean climate for the requested region
  • Further weather parameters relevant to the energy sector are available on request (e.g. wind chill factor, effective cloud cover, degree day figures)

EWC uses the following database

  • Meteorological data are exclusively from official national weather offices operating to WMO standards (World Meteorological Organization)
  • Germany-wide hourly readings from over 1,000 weather stations of Deutscher Wetterdienst
  • Europe-wide readings from over 2,500 weather stations at
    1 – 6-hourly intervals
  • Forecast based on leading-edge meteorological models
  • Consideration of the requested location (e.g. hilltop, coastal site)

Customised and flexible data provision

  • Visualisation: spreadsheets, charts
  • Formats: TXT, CSV, EXCEL, XML
  • Supplied as: e-mail, SFTP, pull and push, Web services, ISDN, P2P

Energy Trading Forecast
Sample of a week-ahead forecast of the daily mean temperature in Europe.


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