• International weather data from the past, the present and for the future
  • Precise weather data processing for individualised analyses and forecasts
  • Reliable weather information and highly accurate meteorological expertises
  • Innovative weather solutions for the energy sector
  • Comprehensive data information - tailor-made services

Welcome at EWC, your weather expert!

Weather. Data. Management: As independent, private weather service provider our strengths are in meteorological data interpretation and their processing in competitive solutions and customer-orientated services. EWC provides high-quality weather information, historical weather databases, weather expertises, short-and medium-term forecasts for wind and solar energy production as well as lightning and climate statistics. Enterprises in the insurance and energy sector, official authorities and the recreation sector rely on our statements on weather conditions worldwide.

Insurance industry

Insurance industry
  • Claims handling
  • Loss prevention
  • Statistics and analyses

Official authorities

Official authorities
  • Weather forecasts
  • Real-time data
  • Severe weather warnings

Sports & leisure time

Sports & leisure time
  • Information about wind speed and gusts
  • Temperature and precipitation forecasts
  • Foehn forecasts

BF21-Claims Management Congress "Aktives Schadenmanagement" (21.11. und 22.11.2017)
We will gladly provide you with information about our products within the scope of BF21-Claims Management Congress „Aktives Schadenmanagement”.
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ETP "Zertifikatslehrgang zum geprüften Energieprognose-Manager" (21. – 23.11.2017)
Participate at ETP "Zertifikatslehrgang zum geprüften Energieprognose-Manager" and learn how to make the best use of weahter data.
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18. MCC-Congress "Innovatives SchadenManagement" (23.11. und 24.11.2017)
We will gladly provide you with information about our products within the scope of the 18. MCC-Congress „Innovatives SchadenManagement”.
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